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About Us

TeleSoft Partners itself is a bootstrapped company that was founded in 1996. Since then, TeleSoft Partners has raised $625+ million in private capital and SBIC leverage commitments. TeleSoft has recruited a strong team of investment professionals; developed a network of industry executives and corporate partners in the US, Europe, Israel and India; and built a high quality portfolio of communication and information technology companies.

Company TeleSoft Partners
Founded 1996
Locations Silicon Valley
Portfolio Companies ~61*
Capital Commitments $625+ million
Acquisitions 27*
IPOs 10*

TeleSoft provides value-added capital for technology, communications and energy value chain companies, including wireless, software, systems, applications, services and components companies. Our focus is fundamentally to help entrepreneurs benefit from our knowledge, contacts and expertise -- to help you Make it Happen.

  • We focus on next generation systems, software, services, and component companies
  • We invest $1-15 million per company (initial and follow-on investments)
  • Our investment mix is approximately one-third early stage, one-third development & expansion stage, and one-third late stage
  • We concentrate on 25 to 30 investments per fund
  • We typically lead or co-lead
* Investments in Omnipoint, BPL Mobile Communications and OSI were led by Arjun Gupta at the Chatterjee Group/George Soros, prior to founding TeleSoft.

Services Software Systems Components Government Markets Consumer Markets Carrier Markets Enterprise Markets