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NP Photonics, an advanced micro fiber technology company, designs and manufactures a unique line of compact and low-cost fiber laser modules, bench top systems and broadband ASE sources. The company began in 1998 as a spin-off of the University of Arizona’s Optical Sciences Center with a charter to commercialize a simpler and less expensive method of amplifying light based on its unique glass and fiber technology. NP Photonics is using innovative glass and fiber technology to design, produce and deliver a new class of advanced optical light sources for a number of applications including fiber sensing, defense, telecommunications and scientific applications.

Company News

Narrow Linewidth Fiber Laser for 100-km Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry

NP Photonics Secures $5 Million in A2 Series Funding

NP Photonics Expands Family of Compact, High Power Scorpion™ ASE Sources

NP Photonics Wins U.S. Air Force Contract to Advance Fiber Optic Image Amplifier

NP Photonics Offers High-Power, Single-Frequency Fiber Laser

NP Photonics offers a high power, wide bandwidth 1-µm ASE source

NP Photonics Introduces NEW Benchtop Version of Its

NP Photonics Appoints Former Spectra-Physics’ CEO Patrick Edsell as President and CEO

NP Photonics Introduces Next Generation Scorpion™ Fiber Laser System

NP Photonics Names New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

NP Photonics Unveils Integrated Light Source and Interrogator for Fiberoptic Sensor Systems

NP Photonics Introduces Benchtop Version of Its Scorpion™ Erbium Micro Fiber Laser Modules

NP Photonics' Tunable Filters Pass Telcordia Compliance Tests

NP Photonics Adds Fast Tuning Option to its Compact Scorpion Fiber Laser Modules

NP Photonics Introduces Compact ASE Module

NP Photonics

9030 S. Rita Road, Suite 120
Tucson, AZ 85747

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